Tuesday 19th July will be our final day in school before the summer holidays. We return to school on Monday 6th September 2021. 

We hope everyone has a fantastic summer break and please all stay safe.



Please download the Xpressions app as a free mode of communication between school and parents. This allows us to contact you direct using push notifications and vice cera. Please ensure you turn on push notifications via your smartphone settings; if your notifications are not turned on then you will not be notified of any messages. 


Pay 360

As most of you will be aware, Sims Pay is the system we currently use to calculate costs and allow parents to control their child's school funds. From 26th July 2021, Sims Pay will be known by its new name 'Pay 360 Education Payments'. The products, features and functionality will remain the same, you'll just notice a new logo and name when you use the system. 


Portals to the Past

The Y4 Viking Workshop was a hit with the children! You can see some photos on the news section of our website. 


School Uniform

We expect all students to return to school in September in full school uniform. This includes:

  • Black shoes
  • Grey skirt/trousers/shorts
  • White shirt/polo-shirt
  • Blue school jumper/cardigan

Children are not permitted to wear:

  • Trainers of any kind
  • Athletic clothing, unless for PE (PE kit listed below)
  • Jewellery (a watch and 1 pair of stud earrings is allowed)

PE kit includes:


Plain white t-shirt, plain black/navy shorts


Plain white t-shirt, plain black/navy shorts & trainers/pumps

Plain black/navy tracksuit bottoms and jumper may be worn in colder months