Portals to the Past came in to visit our Y4 children and give them an opportunity to take part in a Viking workshop! The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and gained much more knowledge to use as part of their history cirriculum. They got chance to learn everything from home-life to battles, Gods and how to have fun, Viking-style. 

The day started with a short talk, followed by a number of activities for the children to take part in, such as:

  • Play Fox and Geese the Viking board game
  • A Viking quiz
  • Having fun with kennings
  • Life at home – a chance to examine a range of artefacts from cooking pots and utensils to an ironing board and combs (the girls soon learn what was expected of them 1200 years ago!)
  • A weapons and armour display
  • Viking Spear wrestling
  • Viking battle

Please see some emails of their day below!