Our Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs H. Vyse


Deputy Head Teachers


Mrs J. Fletcher, Mrs J. Farkas


School Office

Mrs S. Kayes, School Business Manager

Miss A Holt, Attendance Officer and Administrator

Miss C. Hawley, Administrator

Miss J. Harris, Administrator


Mrs E. Wright, Teacher, EYFS Leader

Miss R. Wolfenden Teaching Assistant

Miss E. Lawlor, Teaching Assistant (Monday-Thursday)

Miss S. Hurn Teaching Assistant (Friday)


Miss K. Johnson, Teacher

Mrs E. Booth, Teacher (Tuesday to Friday)

Mrs J. Farkas, Teacher (Mondays)

Miss A. Procter, Teaching Assistant

Miss D. McHugh, Teaching Assistant 

Miss P. Mudd, Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Miss S Khatun, Teacher

Mrs H. Cunnelly, Teacher

Mrs B. Wild, Teaching Assistant

Miss D. Pollitt, Teaching Assistant

Mrs F. Shaffi, Teaching Assistant (SEN support)

Mrs A Begum, Teaching Assistant (SEN support)

Year 2

Mrs E. Stott, Teacher (Assistant Head)

Mrs H. Holt, Teacher

Mrs S. Sodawala, Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. Horrocks, Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Begum, Teaching Assistant (SEN Support)

Mrs Z. Afzal, Teaching Assistant (SEN Support)

Miss M. Litster, Teaching Assistant (SEN support)

Year 3

Mrs G. Sidell, Teacher (Monday- Wednesday)

Mrs S. Hopwood, Teacher (Thursday & Friday)

Mrs R. Quigley, Teacher 

Mrs V. Gomersall, Teaching Assistant

Miss R. Hawkins, Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Begum, Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Birch, Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Hurn Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Miss M. Smithies, Teacher 

Miss R. Simpson, Teacher

Mrs H. Wilmot, Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Brierley, Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Birch, Teaching Assistant (SEN Support) 

Year 5

Mr Z. Shafi, Teacher

Mrs R. Comyn-Doyle, Teacher 

Mrs C. Reid, Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Walsh, Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Ahmed, Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Miss E. O'Connor, Teaching Assistant (SEN Support)

Year 6

Miss K. Moore, Teacher

Miss L. Crompton, Teacher

Mrs L Crawford, Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L. Ellison, Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Kouser, Teaching Assistant (SEN Support)


Additional Teachers

Mrs H. Drumm (music teacher)

Mrs S. Hopwood (Inclusion Teacher)

Mrs S. Pickles, Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Level 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants (teach whole classes and small groups of children)

Mrs D. Moody (specialist reading interventions and SEN support throughout school)

Mrs N. Bamford (reading interventions and specialist EAL support throughout school)

Mr J. Walker

Mrs D. Smith

Family Worker

Learning Mentor

Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs H. Hart

Miss C. Taylor

Miss R. Walker


Senior Lunchtime Organisers

Mrs H. Wilmot, Miss D. McHugh

Lunchtime Organisers

Miss M. Litster, Mrs N. Ahmed, Miss K. Robinson, Mrs F. Faulkner, Mrs Z. Afzal, Miss D. Pollitt, Miss R. Hawkins, Mrs F. Shaffi, Mrs T. Goldsmith, Mrs M. Begum, Miss S. Hurn, Miss J. Linger, Mrs L. Ellison.


Breakfast Club Staff

Mr J. Walker, Miss K. Robinson, Miss R Hawkins


Kitchen Staff

Mrs S. Pickup, Catering Supervisor

Mrs P. Bollesty,  Mrs B. Rolfe, Mrs J. Fetch, Kitchen Assistants

Miss K. Parks and Mrs T. Arain, Service Assistants



Mrs T. Mellor

Mr R. Kirkland