Welcome to Meanwood Primary School 

We hope this brochure gives a flavour of what makes Meanwood a wonderful school.


About our school

Meanwood Primary School is a large two form entry primary school which was first established in 1902.  The original Victorian building now houses the Junior (Key Stage 2) children, while a new Infant building was added in 1992 for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children. 

The school site also includes extensive playing fields, gardens and hard surfaced playgrounds, a school kitchen and canteen and a separate building which houses a music room, the "Treehouse" inclusion room and Blue Daisies After School Club.  We share our site and work closely with Meanwood Sure Start Children’s Centre, which provides a wide range of services for parents and children from birth to 5 years.


Our vision for the Meanwood Family 

We pride ourselves on nurturing happy and confident children with the skills and motivation for continued success and who care about each other, their community and their world.


  • To nurture happy and healthy children in a safe and stimulating environment.
  • To provide positive role models for our children through building strong relationships with children, their families and the wider community.
  • To support children to task risks and to reflect on their successes.
  • to provide an enjoyable, creative and challenging curriculum which offers a wide range of new experiences.
  • To have high expectations of children's behaviour and their academic achievement.
  • To provide a welcoming, caring atmosphere where everyone is included, valued and celebrated.


Children are admitted into our Nursery Class in the following term after they become 3 years old.  We also have a small number of places for 2 year olds.  Children are admitted to Reception in the September of the year in which they become 5 years old.  Our maximum admission number into Reception is 60 children (30 children per class).  

Admissions to Nursery are managed by the school.  Admissions to all other classes are managed by the Local Authority Pupil Services. Click here to read our page about admissions. 

The Curriculum

Meanwood Primary aims to provide children with an excellent curriculum which equips children not only with a good command of basic skills in English, Maths, Science and ICT, but also instils in children a love of learning. 

Our curriculum is based on a thematic approach in which children learn through topics designed to inspire their interest and creativity. Read more

We teach a daily literacy and numeracy lesson, which class teachers plan for and ensure they are tailored to individual children’s needs.  We follow the National Curriculum for Primary Schools and deliver many subjects through a thematic or topic based approach.  We believe in exciting, hands-on learning, which engages children and inspires their curiosity.  The curriculum is enhanced through visits to museums, galleries or places of interest in the local area and further afield.  We work with drama, music or sports specialists who add to the experiences we are able to give the children.  We also make the best use we can of our school grounds, where children have the opportunity to learn and play throughout the year.


Meanwood is very well resourced for ICT.  We have an interactive whiteboard in each classroom and class sets of laptops,  iPads and tablets, which ensure each child is able to develop their own ICT skills, using a variety of technology, and use ICT proficiently as a vehicle for learning in all areas of the curriculum.


We follow Rochdale Local Authority’s agreed syllabus for RE.  Children learn about the beliefs and practices of the major world faiths, with a particular focus on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education. 

Modern Foreign Languages

At Meanwood, we teach Spanish throughout Key Stage 2.  At first children start on a basic level with songs and games then progress to acquiring an impressive range of Spanish vocabulary. 


The most valuable way parents and carers can support children to learn at home is through lots of reading.  As a minimum, we expect every child to read at home at least 3 times a week to be what we call a "Reading Star."

Children will also receive homework linked to their topic work and regular spellings to learn. Younger children will receive a set of "Key words" to learn to read by sight.  Mental maths skills are also really important and we encourage children to practise their number bonds and times tables facts at home too. 

Community Cohesion

Meanwood has a diverse pupil population and we are proud of the good relationships between staff and children from many different backgrounds.  We are committed to ensuring children develop respectful attitudes towards their own and others’ cultures, faiths and traditions, in order to prepare them to for living in Britain’s multi-cultural society.  We celebrate a range of religious festivals during the year.  We do not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form.  Our curriculum promotes British Values.

Residential visits

We organise an annual residential visit for our Year 6 children to an outdoor education centre.  During these highly memorable and enjoyable few days, children experience a wide range of outdoor and adventurous activities led by specialist staff.

Meeting individual needs

At Meanwood, we are proud to include children with a wide range of needs and abilities.  We work closely with parents and carers to ensure each child is cared for and their individual needs are met, whether the child has special needs in learning, a physical or sensory disability, or is gifted or talented in a particular field.  At some stage in their school life, many children may need a little extra support to ensure they achieve their potential.  If we feel a child is not making as much progress as we would expect, we talk to the parents and we do all we can to offer the child more support.  We have a teacher at school who is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or we may ask for additional diagnostic assessment from the local authority additional needs team or the school’s Educational Psychologist. 


Meanwood Primary offers children a huge range of extra-curricular activities.  We have clubs running at dinner times and after school for various activities including, sports, music, reading, gardening, ICT and art activities. In some clubs, children take part in competitions with other schools and have the chance to develop their skills and talents alongside children of different ages.  

Before and After School Club

The school runs a popular Breakfast Club from 7.50am every day, serving healthy choices of breakfast and offering a range of games and activities. To register for Breakfast Club, please contact the school office. Click here to see the website page for our Breakfast Club.

School Council

Children from each year group are elected to join the School Council.  Regular meetings take place which give the children the opportunities to discuss and make decisions about the running of the school. This is a chance for children to raise suggestions to the team and voice their opinions. 


We are proud of the high standards of behaviour at Meanwood and visitors to school are always impressed by the children’s good manners.  We have a whole school behaviour policy, which encourages children to have respect for themselves and one another and to behave responsibly.  Children are praised and rewarded for good behaviour through individual praise, well done notes, stickers, certificates and tokens towards class rewards.  We do not tolerate bullying or aggression and always involve parents if a child is having difficulty behaving appropriately.  A copy of our behaviour policy is available to parents on request. Click here 

The Tree House

In addition to the pastoral care offered to all children by our class teachers and support staff, we also have a Therapeutic Inclusion Room, known to the children as “The Tree House.”  The Tree House is staffed by a Learning Mentor who provides additional support to any child facing social or emotional difficulties, or in need of a confidence boost or just some quiet time to come to terms with significant changes in their lives. Read more on the Tree House web page.


We have qualified first aiders in school who deal with any injuries and look after children who become unwell during the school day.  We have access to the School Health Practitioners at Ings Lane Clinic, who are able to offer parents advice on a wide range of children’s health matters.  If your child needs to be given medication during the school day, please see the office staff who will ask you to complete a consent form so that a first aider can administer the medication.  If your child has asthma, we will prepare an asthma care plan with you to ensure we manage your child's condition effectively.  


Good attendance is essential for children to fulfil their potential at school.  We monitor children’s attendance on a daily basis and make phone calls home to establish reasons for absence. Parents need to contact the school office by phone, in person, or by email before 9.30am on the first day of their child's absence and to let us know the reason for absence.  If we have concerns about a child’s absence rate, we seek to work closely with the child’s parents and the Education Welfare Officer to look at ways of improvement.  Holidays during term time are not permittedRead Attendance Policy


Children’s security at school is a high priority for us.  Children are supervised by school staff at all times.  Visitors to school, such as supply teachers or contractors, are subject to security checks.  We will only let children leave school with the adults parents tell us may collect their children. 


The school uniform is:

  • Grey skirt or pinafore or grey trousers
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • School sweatshirt or cardigan with Meanwood logo or plain navy jumper or cardigan
  • Black footwear - shoes or plain black trainers or black boots
  • In summer, girls may wear a blue gingham dress and boys may wear short grey trousers

For safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear jewellery except plain stud earrings.

Indoor PE: Shorts and T-shirt

Outdoor PE: Shorts, T-shirt and trainers

Outdoor PE (COLDER MONTHS): Tracksuit / jogging bottoms, jumper and trainers.

Please ensure all uniform and equipment is clearly labelled with the child's name on it.

School Meals

We are fortunate at Meanwood to have our own school kitchen and canteen, where school meals are prepared and served every day.  Children having a school meal have a choice of hot meals, including halal and vegetarian options, and also sandwiches and jacket potatoes.  School meals are fully compliant with government nutrition standards.  School meals need to be paid for in advance at the school office.  Children may also bring a packed lunch from home.  We ask parents not to provide fizzy drinks or drinks in glass bottles.  Read more 

Healthy Snacks

The Infant children are provided with a free drink of milk, a snack of fresh fruit or vegetable every day.  In the Juniors, we run a healthy tuck shop selling a range of snacks.  Junior children may also bring a snack from home for morning break time,

We ask parents not to send sweets or chocolate.  

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to support their children’s education in a number of ways.  We have an open door policy and welcome informal daily contact with parents.  Parents’ evenings are held three times a year and written reports are sent home in the summer term.  Meetings are held to give parents information about how to help their settle into school, and for older children there are meetings about how to help with different aspects of school work.  There are concerts and events throughout the year to which parents are invited and we also have a Parent and Teacher Association which raises money for the school. 

Charging Policy

The school charges for the following:

  • Instrumental music tuition – if a child has weekly musical instrument lessons from the Local Authority Music Service
  • School dinners (unless a family is entitled to Free School Meals)
  • Breakfast Club
  • Residential trips

Loss or damage to personal possessions

We do everything we can to help children look after their possessions, however the school cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal possessions. Parents are asked to ensure that all their children’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name in permanent pen or a sewn-in name tag.

Child Protection

The school has a duty of care to safeguard children.  If we have any concerns about a child’s welfare, we will first discuss this with parents, but we may also need to share our concerns with Social Services. 

The Governing Body

The Governing Body of the school is made up of representatives from the Council, the local community, parents and staff.  The Governing Body meets every term and discusses issues relating to the management of the school, such as the budget, premises, staffing and curriculum.  A current list of governors and the Chair of Governor’s contact details are available from the school office or on the school website


We hope parents are happy with the care and education we provide.  If you have a concern regarding your child, your first point of contact should be the child’s teacher, who will be happy to meet you and discuss your concern.  If you are still not satisfied, the headteacher and deputy head are available to see parents on a daily basis.  More serious complaints should be made in writing to the headteacher and after that to the chair of governors. A copy of the complaints procedure is available from the school office or by clicking this link.

School Contact Details

Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School

Churchill Street


OL12 7DJ

Tel 01706 648197

Fax 01706 710285