Curriculum and Pupil Issues Committee


Terms of Reference

• To review, monitor and evaluate the curriculum offer.
• To develop and review policies identified within the school’s policy review programme and in accordance with its delegated powers (e.g. sex education and pupil behaviour/discipline).
• To ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met, as laid out in the Code of Practice, and receive termly reports from the headteacher/SENCO
• To review, adopt and monitor the equal opportunities policy - taking into account the Equality Act 2010 and the public sector equality duty i.e. to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations
• To provide a safe and secure environment for all staff and students. Under the Counter Terrorism and security Act 2015, we have a duty to safeguard young people from being drawn into terrorism and to promote British values.
• To advise the Resources Committee on the relative funding priorities necessary to deliver the curriculum.
• To monitor the school’s publicity, public presentation and relationships with the wider community.
• To identify and celebrate pupil achievements
• To oversee arrangements for educational visits, including the appointment of a named co-ordinator.


 Membership of the Committee
 Andrea Holt (Chair of the Committee)
 Peter Brassington
 Helen Vyse
 Sharon Hopwood
 Jason Lees
 Sally Myles
Ann Keary