Governing Board 2018 - 19 School Year

The Governing Board of Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School is made up of a group of 13 people who are either elected by staff, by parents, selected by the Local Authority or have been co-opted to offer particular skills. This composition is formally known as the Instrument of Government:

Instrument of government
The name of the school is Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School. 
The school is a Community school.
The name of the governing board is "The governing board of Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School."

The governing board shall consist of :
a. Four parent governors
b. One LA governor
c. One staff governor
d. One headteacher
e. Six co-opted governors.
The total number of governors is 13.   
The term of office of all categories of governor is four years. 
This instrument of government came into effect on 1.9.15
This instrument was made by order of Rochdale Local Authority on 3.2.15

What do governors do?

Their role is to support and monitor all aspects of the school’s work. This includes looking at the budget and how it is spent, being involved in staff recruitment, monitoring how well the school is educating children, looking at the upkeep of the premises, safety of the children and agreeing policies which inform how the school is run.

There is a full governing board meeting once a term. In addition to this, there are smaller committees which meet to consider particular aspects of school management. Details of these committees are listed in the sub-pages in the drop down page menu. 

If you would be interested in joining the governing board when a vacancy arises, please contact the headteacher or chair of governors to discuss how your skills would contribute to the strength of the governing board 

Register of Interests

In the interests of full transparency, this page also lists any relevant business and pecuniary interests (as recorded in the Register of Interests) including:
• governance roles in other educational institutions;
• any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives.)


Name Type of Governor Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings in school year 2018-19 Term of Office Other responsibilities

Register of Interests

Gareth Parkhill Parent 1 out of 3 25.7.18 - 24.7.22



Sally Myles  Co-opted 1 out of 3 1.9.15  - 31.8.19




Ann Keary  Parent 1 out of 3 13.10.15 -12.10.19    -
Adrian Parkinson Parent 1 out of 3

20.9.17  - 19.9.21

Vice Chair of governors  


Helen Vyse Headteacher 1 out of 3

appointed 1.9.18

(ex officio)

Cllr Patricia Sullivan LA Governor 1 out of 3 28.9.18 - 27.9.22 Chair of Governors  
Sharon Hopwood  Co-opted 1 out of 3 1.9.15 - 31.8.19    
Andrea Holt Co-opted  0 out of 3 1.9.15 - 31.8.19  
Jane Stuckey Co-opted 1 out of 3 1.9.15 - 31.8.19    
Vacancy Co-opted

Vacancy Parent  


Laura Crawford  Staff governor 1 out of 3



The Chair of Governors, Cllr Patricia Sullivan, can be contacted via the school office. Email or phone 01706-648197